Training Kit

The OscarLine Training Kit

Why have a Training Kit?


OscarLine is an incredibly easy system to use. Being able to train and experience how OscarLine works is important, so we created the training kit to mimic the OscarLine Live unit as closely as possible.
The training kit allows you to try out simulated MOB recoveries on multiple vessels, in different scenarios, quickly and easily.

Features Of The Training Kit

The Effect

Mimicking the live unit


While nearly identical in terms of the essential operation and ‘feel’ the training kit is too bulky to fit into a Lifejacket. Although it follows the identical steps as the live OscarLine system, it will not lift to the same loads as the Live unit.

See How It's Done

Share It

Don't Keep It To Yourself


We encourage you to use and share the training kit with other members of your sailing club, friends and family to let them experience how easy it its to use OscarLine. We welcome feedback, so let us know how you get on.

Get in touch and give it a go


Challenge Yourself


The training kit's strong line is quick and easy to re-pack allowing you to try out the next simulated recovery as soon as you're ready. Being able to easily re-use the system allows you to challenge yourself and crew, in multiple scenarios and conditions.


What it's made of


While the training kit and the live unit work in the same way, they are made from different materials. The training Kit is designed to be re-useable and so is made from durable heavier materials. The live unit is meant to be worn comfortably in your lifejacket and so is made from strong, lightweight, compact materials.